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Doctor Who & Torchwood Fanfiction Challenge
16th-Jul-2010 02:09 pm
dr who - cute!adipode
Just FYI, I'm behind in replying to the submissions that we've got in so far, so if you sent something but haven't heard back, don't panic. I'll try to get back to everyone tomorrow.

Two more days! Don't forget to check the submission guidelines for writers and for artists. And if you're running into trouble, please get in touch and let us know what's going on.

Good luck!
16th-Jul-2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
Ummmm I have no clue what the number of my fic is. A little help? Other than that, I'm done.
(Damned comments keep going in the wrong entries)
17th-Jul-2010 11:33 am (UTC)
It's the file title of the word doc. For example: "01-Title-draft.doc"

01 would be the number of the fic.
17th-Jul-2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
I save all my docs into Google, not word. That said, thank you, it still saved with the number :)
17th-Jul-2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, good! Saves me having to open the Spreadsheet of Dooooom to find your number.
17th-Jul-2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
:D Also, have sent it off to you.
17th-Jul-2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Genie!
19th-Jul-2010 12:07 pm (UTC)
No problem! :D
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