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submission guidelines for stories

One month to go! Well, a month and a day. We can't wait to see all the results!

Writers, you can still use last year's submission guidelines for help in formatting your stories. Mostly, though, don't worry about it too much. I think everyone sent in Word docs for their rough drafts. As long as you're leaving a blank line between paragraphs and being consistent about section/chapter dividers, you'll be fine.

Stories must be beta'd!!! If you need help finding a beta, check out this post, or e-mail the mods at and we'll see what we can do to help.

[ETA: For the subject line, please use "Final Draft, <your name>, <story title>"]

We do have some updated header info this year, and some questions we'd like you to answer.

Please include this header at the top of your story, and copy it into the e-mail (yes, we're paranoid):

Email: [optional– will be munged so harvesters can't find it]
Genre and pairings (if applicable):
Rating: [G / PG /PG-13 / R / NC-17 – make your best guess]
Beta(s): [we will not accept un-beta'd stories]
Spoilers: [spoiler warnings are required only for the Dr Who 2009 Easter special]
Warnings: [see below]

About warnings: Please warn for non-con, underage sex, major character death (OK, permanent major character death), mpreg and BDSM. We'll hide the warnings so readers don't have to see them.

Please answer these questions in the submission e-mail:

Would you like your story to be on one page, or would you like each chapter to be on a separate page?

How have you marked chapter dividers and section dividers?

How have you marked bold and italics?

Any other formatting issues we should be aware of?

Do we have your permission to make this story available as a pdf?

Do we have your permission to include this story in a pdf compiling all the round 2 stories?

Do we have your permission to make this story available in e-book (.lit/.pdb/.prc) format?

Note: We're asking for permission about e-books, but we haven't decided what to do about those yet. If you have any comments along those lines, we'd love to hear them. How would you feel about your story being distributed as an e-book? If you have a mobile device, what e-book format(s) do you use?

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