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1. What is a Big Bang Fest?

A Big Bang fest is two-part: There's fic and there's art. Writers submit fics, and artists/vid makers claim them to make art or video to go along with the fics. The first Big Bang Fest was big_bang_hd, and we owe them a lot of credit for a great idea that has since spread to other fandoms such as Smallville, Supernatural, House, Heroes, SGA and others. This is the third year of the tardis_bigbang for the whole Whoniverse.

Stories from previous years can be found at our website: Round 1 and Round 2

2. What canon can I use?

Though the name is tardis_bigbang, all Whovian canon is included. Old Who, New Who, Big Finish Adventures, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. You're also free to write a crossover with other fandoms.

3. What's this thing about word limits?

All fics must be a minimum of 20,000 words. There is no upper limit.

4. Why are there multiple deadlines?

The draft deadline has two purposes: 1, to see who has actually completed their fics on time, and 2, to give artists something to work with when creating their art or vid.

5. What about including the actors from the shows?

A show like Doctor Who does (on occasion) cross into the modern world, in which real people and real places play a part. The Doctor (or anyone else) can run into anyone from the course of history, though NOT the actor who plays that particular character. For example, the Tenth Doctor could not run into David Tennant, though he could run into Casanova as played by David Tennant. Likewise, Captain Jack would not be able to meet John Barrowman. The purpose of this is to steer away from RPS, which is not a part of this fest.

6. Do I need a beta?

Yes. There is a post to look for a beta here, and where you can offer your services as a beta or a cheerleader for the writers or artists.

7. Can I join the community?

Membership is closed to participants only. Once signups end, we will issue invitations to all participants. If you are not participating, please do watch the community for public posts keeping you updated with the fest's progress.

8. What's the timetable?

Author Signups: Feb 17 -Feb 28
Author 6-week check-in: Apr 18
9-week check-in: May 9
Art signups: May 16 - June 6
Drafts due: June 6
Art Assignments go out: June 6-13
Everything due: July 11

If that seems like a lot to keep track of, you can follow our Google Calendar here

9. Wow, this sounds great. Can I help get the word out?

Please do! Please let your friendslist know that you're taking part, and get the word out as much as possible. If you own a comm and think your members would be interested, we'd be delighted to let you have a banner for advertising. All signal-boosting gratefully received.

10. What if I have more questions?

Leave a comment on this post, or email the Mods at tardis.bigbang AT gmail DOT com.
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