Thalia (darththalia) wrote in tardis_bigbang,

We're live!!!!

TARDIS Big Bang 3 is now live!

Thanks to all the authors and artists who helped make this a fantastic experience! We couldn't have done it without you!

A few things...

about the website

This year the website was transformed into a database application. It should be transparent, but there's always the chance that something slipped by. If you notice any problems at all, please let us know at tardis.bigbang @


As usual, our feedback LJ is tardisbigbang. We suggest that you find your entry--it's linked all over the place on the website--and track it using "Track This" or the little thumbtack button so you'll be notified of comments. Let us know if you see any bad links in the feedback entries; they're always error-prone. Or if you have questions about how this works.

[ETA: We're turning off comment notifications from the feedback journal to the tardis.bigbang email before we get deluged, so if there's anything that needs our attention, please drop us a note. Thanks!]

posting stories/art elsewhere

Now that the site is live, you're welcome to post your work wherever you want. Please do link back to the TARDIS Big Bang: If you want to upload your story to Archive of Our Own, you can put it in collection TARDIS Big Bang, subcollection TARDIS Big Bang Round 3. Let us know if you run into any trouble.


We're doing e-books this year, I swear. Just trying to figure out how, exactly. If there's a particular format you'd like to see, please comment here. amothea, if you see this, expect an e-mail later this week....
Tags: !modpost, ebooks
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