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It's Saturday, June 12!

One more day till the first draft deadline! (And for the record, we have a very flexible definition of Sunday, June 13. Don't stress about the exact ending time.)

When you're ready to submit your draft, please send it to tardis.bigbang@gmail.com. If you're using Googledocs, you're welcome to share the document with us, and we can grab it from there. Just let us know.

If you're interested in seeing the story submission guidelines, you can check out last year's post. They'll probably be updated a bit in the next week or so, but they'll be pretty much the same. For this draft, though, don't worry about it--we just want to see the words.

Good luck!
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all your questions answered

(Well, some of them, anyway.)

Rather than unscreen a bunch of comments on the check-in post, I thought I'd answer them here.

Erm, when, exactly, on the 13th? And is that by GMT, or...?

As long as it's still the 13th somewhere in the world, you're fine. And if something comes up and you just can't get it in on the 13th, let us know and we'll see if we can work something out. We'll try to be reasonable, as long as it's fair to all the participants.

What happens if between your first draft and your final draft you decide to, I don't know, erase a whole chunk of the story or add something else... Do we need to let you know?

Has it already been decided, how the artist and author are matched, or will that be like last year?

(Those two are kind of related.) This year we're going to do the artist and author matching as usual, but we'll be letting both know who they'll be working with. We're hoping this will make for some fun collaborations. This means that if you make changes to your story, you'll be able to tell your author directly; you won't need us to act as go-betweens.

Only whether or not you want me to put together a precis for the relevant [somewhat obscure crossover fandom] stories/characters, in case there aren't any artists who sign up with knowledge? (So that I can provide for my artist in that instance.)

If you're doing a crossover with a fairly obscure fandom, it might not be a bad idea to at least have some links at the ready. But, again, once we do the artist assignments, you can talk about it with your artist and see what they need.

Does it have to be completely completely finished for me to submit it as a draft? I mean if I get to the 20k but I have scenes missed out etc is is still ok for me to submit it? Just figured I'd ask since different big bangs have different policies on it. :)

You need to submit a complete draft--in other words, yes, all your scenes do need to be written out. We're hoping this will reduce the number of extensions on the final deadline, which got kind of nuts last year. That said, we do realize that a lot of things are going to be fleshed out after the first draft, and there could be fairly dramatic changes, and that's fine. Mostly, though, we want to be sure no one is turning in a 20K draft of what will end up being a 40K story.

If for some reason, I'm just not able to finish the story, am I going to get banned from participating in a future TARDIS Big Bang Challenge?

No! We've never banned anyone. The people we've been tempted to ban are the ones who don't communicate--the ones who drop off the face of the earth right at the final deadline, or who say their story has been beta-read when it hasn't, or who say their story is completely finished when they still have another week's worth of work to do. If you want to keep the mods happy, just let us know what's going on, and be honest. We're very happy to work with our authors and artists so as many people as possible can participate.

What is this sanity thing I hear people talking about?

If you find out, please let us know.
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Artist Sign-Ups

Artist Sign-Ups are officially open, and will run through June 13!

If you'd like to be an artist for this year's TBB, please fill out this form. We'll be getting in touch with everyone who expressed interest earlier, but you don't have to wait to hear from us... go ahead and sign up. And please feel free to tell all your friends!

Feel free to comment here with any questions.

TARDIS Big Bang Artist Sign-up

* Required

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the extremely late check-in post!

Sorry, it's still been a horrendous couple of weeks. My life should get better after this Tueday; cross your fingers for hllangel and jadesfire.

To answer some questions:

Because of our disorganization, we're going to push the first draft deadline back a week, to Sunday, 13 June. At that time we'll be expecting a reasonably complete first draft--it has to be a complete story with no outline-only bits, and it has to be 20,000 words. The final draft (and all art) will be due on July 18. The first draft does not need to be beta-read, but the final draft does.

This is your official check-in post. Mostly, we just want to get an idea of who's going to be submitting. If you're planning on turning in a rough draft, please comment here with the following information:

1. Author name
2. E-mail address (and please let us know if it's changed since you signed up)
3. Fandom(s) included in your story (and which Doctor(s), if it's DW)
4. Brief summary of the story
5. Progress so far.
6. Questions?

If you sent us an e-mail saying you were dropping out but have had a resurgence of creativity and think you can finish, that's OK! Just let us know you're back in. As far as we're concerned, anyone who signed up is still eligible to participate.

I'll go ahead and screen the comments.

Artist sign-ups will start soon, as soon as we iron out a few technical difficulties.

[ETA: And since I said I'd screen the comments, it would probably help if I actually did so.... *sigh*]
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admin stuff

As you may have guessed, May has not been a fun month for the mods, to put it mildly. We all know we've been quiet, and we're sorry--hopefully things will be looking up soon.

A few things:

The web site is back up, yay. We've decided to leave it where it is for the time being and look into less expensive hosting options when we can move it without having to scramble frantically. Thanks to everyone who chipped in--we really appreciate the help.

Yeah, there should have been a check-in last week. Sorry! I'll try to get that post up later today. We do need to hear from everyone--we'll be chasing down any authors who don't report in. We're trying to get a handle on who will be participating now, rather than waiting until we're in the middle of art assignments to figure everything out.

And, yes, art signups will be starting as soon as I can get a post coded. Once that's up, artists, please feel free to sign up. If you expressed interest earlier, we'll be dropping you a note, but you don't have to wait for that to respond. And please tell your friends!

Sorry again for being so quiet! We'll be resuming normal service shortly. *crosses fingers* In the meantime, feel free to post if you want to chat/vent/beg for support/whatever--we're coming down to the wire on those first drafts!

website is down - sorry!

We're sorry to report that the TBB website is down for the time being. We're hoping to get it back up in a few days, but my mother-in-law's funeral is Friday, and I suspect I won't have time to do anything before then. We apologize, but it's just really lousy timing.

Swift reminder

I know I'm in danger of repeating myself, and I really don't plan on spamming your flists until the deadline, but I just want to make sure everyone's seen this.

Authors, if you haven't already, please go and fill out the poll here to let us know how you're doing.

Everyone, if you can help out a writer, please head over to the beta and cheerleading post here to see who's in need of assistance. Just to give you a flavour of what's there at the moment:

Beta needed for a Ninth Doctor Time-War flavoured story
Beta needed for a Sarah-Jane crossover
Beta needed for a Torchwood/Being Human crossover
Beta exchange offered. Writer of Martha Gen looking for like-minded New Who/Torchwood/SJA writer

There are also several offers from betas and hand-holders, so please, please help out your fellow fans and hop over to that post.

Thanks, guys. See you in 3 weeks!

This is your 6 week check-in

Yup, it's been six weeks since we kicked off this year's fest, so it's time to see how everyone's doing. Well, technically only us Mods will see that, but you're welcome to leave a comment letting your fellow participants how well/badly it's going. Don't forget to check the comments here, by the way. You might just find it encouraging!

Although this poll isn't compulsory, it would be incredibly helpful to us Mods if you'd fill it in, since we're starting to think about how many artists we're going to need, and a rough idea of numbers would really help us at this point. As I said this check-in isn't compulsory, but the next one will be. We need to know you're there to match you with an artist, and we can't do that unless you tell us!

Also, I wanted to take the chance to remind you about the Beta/Cheerleading post here, where there are some people both offering and in need of assistance. Do consider giving your fellow-fans a hand - I know they'll appreciate it.

While I'm here, and in case you guys haven't seen it elsewhere, torchwood_three is currently updating their lists, and have asked us to give a shout-out here. In case you don't know, they're a daily fandom newsletter focusing on Torchwood-related topics and discussions appearing on LiveJournal. They link to reviews, to art, to meta and pretty much everything else Torchwood-related you can think of. If you want them to put you on their list, you can leave a comment on this post, or you can leave a comment on any newsletter post.

As ever, let us know if you're having problems, either by comment, PM or on tardis.bigbang[at]gmail.com

>All set? Right, CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE POLL Thanks!<

How's everyone doing?

Howdy, folks, welcome to another Monday. Since it's just under 2 weeks to our first check-in (not the compulsory one, and you don't have to submit anything yet, before anybody panics), I though it was a good time to see how people are doing. So, a poll! Not compulsory, just out of general interest:

Poll #1544609 Progress report

How's the writing going?

I'm steaming ahead and will have a rough draft even before the first check-in. Take that, word count!
Eh, it's going okay and I'm going to hit the deadline just fine
I've got an outline and I know what I'm doing. Mostly
I've got no idea what I'm doing, but I'm going to get it done. Probably.
Wait, the story doesn't write itself? Damn...

Whether it's going great or terribly, do drop in here or to the earlier post here and check in with your fellow writers. See if you can encourage or just plain commiserate with each other, and don't forget that the beta post is still open here if you need some extra help. There's plenty of requests for assistance there too, so do check it out.

As ever, you can reach us through comments on any community post or at tardis.bigbang[at]gmail.com (it's taking us a few days to answer emails right now, so please be patient - you will get a reply, I promise!)
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Website domain and hosting

As all of you are aware, the tardis_bigbang hosts all art and stories on an website separately from livejournal. In our first year, darththalia was kind enough to lend us some of her personal server space for the fest. Last year, we were able to take advantage of a wonderful sale and purchase our own hosting and domain at a fraction of normal costs.

This year, however, if we would like to continue with the hosting services we have, we have to pay full price for it. We own space on DreamHost, and register our domain through them as well. Continuing the service we have right now will cost us $130 USD. (87 GBP). All three of the mods are willing to contribute, but this is a lot of money for each of us.

If you'd like to help us out, we'd really appreciate it. If you can spare a dollar or two, that's fantastic. We would like to continue providing this webspace in this way, as it is one thing that makes us distinctive among the many Big Bangs fests that have sprung up in the last two years since we started. We'll find a way round it if not, but if enough people chip in little amounts, we can go on with our own space in our own way.

The Mods